Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Socks ( Small or Medium Sizes )
Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Socks ( Small or Medium Sizes )Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Socks ( Small or Medium Sizes )
Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Socks ( Small or Medium Sizes )
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Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Socks > Natural ( Off White ) > Small or Medium Sizes

- Our Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge socks are a treat for your feet.

Product Features:

If you want a pair of those super soft, fluffy polyester type spa socks without all the polyester, give these a try.

Machine washable and dryer safe.

These socks, like the rest of the Spun Bamboo brand products we carry, are the highest quality we can find.

Manufactured using only the best 133 needle knitting machines to make a dense, tightly woven sock that feel great on your feet.

Like our other bamboo socks, our Spa Lounge Sock is super absorbent, moisture-wicking, breathable, and will not harbor odor like synthetic based socks.

To keep the shape required for a proper fit our bamboo socks contain 95% Viscose from Certified Organic Bamboo and 5% nylon.

Specifications & Pricing:

Please choose the Set(s) of Socks you need from the drop down menu above the product description.

Product Type: Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Bamboo Socks - Size: Small - Model # ET-SPS-S - Price: $8.49/pair

Product Type: Spun Bamboo Spa Lounge Bamboo Socks - Size: Medium - Model # ET-SPS-M - Price: $8.49/pair

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Sold in pairs.

All our Spun Bamboo socks are unisex sized.

Please refer to the following information to determine your size.

Small will fit if your shoe size is - Men's US 4-5 1/2, Women's US 5-6 1/2, Japan 22.5-24, Europe 36 1/2-38, UK 3 1/2-5.

Medium will fit if your shoe size is - Men's US 6-9, Women's US 7-10 1/2, Japan 24.5-27.5, Europe 38 1/2-41 1/2, UK 5 1/2- 8 1/2.

If you don't see a specific size in the drop down menu we are temporarily out of stock, please check back soon or drop us an email at support@greenboatstuff.com and we will let you know when we expect them in.
Made in China under the responsible direction of the folks at Ecothreadz/Spun Bamboo.

Here is their story.

All our clothing is made in China, where the bamboo grows.

As far as the conditions under which our products are produced, we are the actual manufacturer and are involved in every step of the production process, from the sourcing of our bamboo fiber to the spinning of the yarn to the packaging and labeling of our finished garments.

As well as owning our own cut and sew factory, our bamboo plantations are the first to be certified organic, the actual bamboo fiber is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and we are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

We have pictures of the conditions at the factories we use at various stages of the manufacturing process that you are welcome to see.

We feel that because we are so involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process and personally know a large percentage of those individuals involved we can truly be confident we are participating in a manner prescribed by the Fair Trade and Ethical Manufacturing guidelines.

For those of you curious about bamboo here are some facts about our shirts.

Why Use Bamboo?

Bamboo fiber is the new innovation in textile fibers with remarkable characteristics:

Soft & Silky

Bamboo fiber is softer than the softest cotton, has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to silk or cashmere.

Naturally Anti-Bacterial & Odor Free

Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics, which require a chemical treatment, bamboo fiber clothing is naturally odor-resistant and requires no harmful chemicals. It contains a natural agent, "bamboo kun", that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it.

Breathable & Cool

Bamboo apparel is comfortable, thermal regulating and will keep you cooler, drier, warmer and odor free.


Like the synthetics, bamboo fabric dries quickly. Unlike the synthetics, bamboo does no harm.

Safe & Hypoallergenic

For those with sensitive skin or chemical allergies bamboo is the perfect fabric since it is not treated with any toxic compounds.

Natural & Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is one of the world's most prolific and fastest-growing plants. Typically bamboo is able to reach maturity in about four years, compared to the typical 25 to 70 years for commercial tree species in the U.S. Though most people are generally familiar with this beautiful and graceful plant, the average person is usually astounded when learning that there are more than 1000 documented uses of bamboo.

Bamboo is one of nature's most sustainable resource, it is grown without pesticides or chemicals, it is 100% biodegradable, and naturally regenerative. Bamboo is actually a tropical grass, with an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year, naturally replenishing itself and growing to heights of 60 feet or more. Some bamboo species grow up to 4 feet per day and can be harvested every 3 to 4 years.

In Asia, bamboo has been used in the traditional hand-made production of paper for centuries. Now, through modern manufacturing processes, bamboo pulp is capable of producing bamboo fiber for use in yarn and fabric. Certain species of bamboo have the tensile strength equivalent to that of steel.

Bamboo is planted and grown on family-owned farms that have been in agricultural use for generations. None of the fiber comes from tropical forests. Over 2.5 billion people work with or depend on bamboo as a natural resource.

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