Hemp Fisherman's Sweater
Hemp Fisherman's Sweater
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Our hemp fisherman's sweaters are handmade right here in the USA.

Product Features:

Crafted from 100% all natural hemp yarn.

These unique sweaters have a finished hem at the hip, rolled sleeves at the wrist and a rolled collar.

Pre-washed and ready to wear.

Universal design means these look great on both men and women.

Due to the unique characteristics of hemp yarn these sweaters have a worn look to them that makes them look like you have had it for years.

Like wool, these feel a little rough at first if you have sensitive skin.

Unlike wool, however, hemp softens up with each washing, so they get more comfortable as they age.

In the elements hemp combines the best characteristics of both wool and cotton.

When the weather gets nasty, hemp sheds water much like wool, keeping you warm longer than cotton ever will.

Unlike wool, however, hemp gets softer and softer with time, so you get that cozy soft cotton feel after just a few washes.

From the strongest rope to the finest lace, hemp is the earth's most versatile fiber.

Hemp is also Nature's longest fiber, which means garments last longer than those made with other fabrics.

Hemp is naturally resistant to damage from salt water, mildew and the sunlight.

Hemp is extremely efficient from an environmental perspective.

Hemp naturally suppresses weeds and enriches the soil it is grown in with nitrogen deposits. Hemp is grown without herbicides or pesticides and pound for pound hemp plants produce 250% more fiber than cotton.

By contrast, non-organic industrial cotton uses more water and more pesticides than any other commercial crop, leaving the soil depleted.

In fact, over one quarter of all agricultural chemicals in the USA are used to grow cotton. The toxic runoff from these chemicals ultimately find their way into our waterways.

The modern non-organic industrial cotton plant has been genetically engineered to the point where it is no longer a natural fiber, but rather a plant that is designed to withstand the strains of the chemical pesticides sprayed on it.

Think about that the next time you buy non-organic cotton.

For those of you who are concerned about hemp's reputation as a drug, rest assured you have nothing to worry about.

Neither you or your kids will get high using hemp products. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains only minute (less than 1%) amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. In addition, hemp possesses a high percentage of the compound cannabidiol (CBD), which has been shown to block the effects of THC. For these reasons, many botanists have dubbed industrial hemp "anti-marijuana."
Sold individually.

Available in several sizes.


Product Type: Hemp Fisherman's Sweater - Size: Extra Small - Model # CSP-SWA - Chest Measurement: 32" - Price: $61.99

Product Type: Hemp Fisherman's Sweater - Size: Small - Model # CSP-SWB - Chest Measurement: 36" - Price: $64.99

Product Type: Hemp Fisherman's Sweater - Size: Medium - Model # CSP-SWC - Chest Measurement: 40" - Price: $67.99

Product Type: Hemp Fisherman's Sweater - Size: Large - Model # CSP-SWD - Chest Measurement: 44" - Price: $70.99

Product Type: Hemp Fisherman's Sweater - Size: Extra Large - Model # CSP-SWE - Chest Measurement: 48" - Price: $73.99

Please choose the size you need from the drop down menu above the product description.

Since we have these great sweaters individually crafted by hand, please allow at least 10 days for delivery.

Made in the USA.

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Cusp Natural Products was founded in 1996 with the design of three bath items made from hemp yarn... a washcloth, a soap bag and a back scrubber. These products were designed by Lynette Culver with the support of her husband, Richard. It was a one-woman shop for the first year or so, with Lynette doing knitting, finishing, sales and shipping.

Many years later, Cusp has expanded to include a work family of 8, we have designed many new products to add to our company line and we are acting as a distributor for some of the most reputable environmental manufacturers in the country.

All of the products sold by Cusp are proudly manufactured in the United States by American workers.

Each member of our work family receives extensive training; we have strict quality control procedures and a proven history of excellent customer service.

Our goal at Cusp Natural Products is to produce and distribute high quality hemp and other environmentally friendly products.

Cusp products address many of the human family's common problems, including concerns about chemicals in the environment and in the products we use, the safety of our ground water, and the planet's old growth forests.

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