100%  Bamboo Fabric T Shirt - Men's
100%  Bamboo Fabric T Shirt - Men's 100%  Bamboo Fabric T Shirt - Men's 100%  Bamboo Fabric T Shirt - Men's 100%  Bamboo Fabric T Shirt - Men's
100% Bamboo Fabric T Shirt - Men's
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Our bamboo fabric tees are the softest shirt we have ever worn.

We guarantee you will feel the same way or we will give you your money back.

Product Features:

Cool and lighter than our organic cotton shirts, our bamboo tees are great for those extra hot days or those folks looking for something a little different.

These shirts feel similar to the poly blends and other synthetics out there, but instead of being made from chemicals, petroleum products or recycled plastic, bamboo is a natural cellulose fiber that is 100% biodegradable and grown without any pesticides.

Our men's bamboo t-shirts have an athletic cut to them so you'll look great when you're relaxing on the water or having dinner with the suit and tie crowd.

Our Bamboo Men's T's are available in several sizes and colors - Green, Black, Natural, and Blue.

Please choose the size and color you need from the drop down menu above the product description.

Available here for $22.99

Measurements are as follows

Chest Width -

Small: 36/38"

Medium: 40/42"

Large: 44/46"

XL: 46/48"

XXL: 50/52"

Shirt Length From High Point On Shoulder -

Small: 28"

Medium: 29"

Large: 30"

XL: 31"

XXL: 32"

Short Sleeve Length -

Small: 8"

Medium: 8 1/2"

Large: 9"

XL: 9 1/2"

XXL: 10"

Collar Height All Sizes - 7/8"

We have been having trouble restocking these, so if we sell out of a size or color it may be several months before we have more. Thank you for understanding.

Combine this purchase with other items in our store for discounted shipping.
All of the fabric and products sold by Bamboosa are American made.

Bamboosa's fair-wage sewing facility is located in Andrews, S.C. and is a company with a small production line.

Here is there story:

We always envisioned that when we had our own company we would make higher quality, better performing, really comfortable, longer lasting, sweatshop-free, competitively priced, American Made apparel products that are a better choice for the environment.

We also said we would do it responsibly and as good corporate citizens.

We do, we are and here is how:

Fiber from Organically Grown Bamboo - All of our clothing and baby products are made from 100% viscose fiber produced from certified organically grown bamboo or blended with cotton, organic cotton, Lycra or recycled polyester. Our fiber contributes to the quality, performance, comfort and durability of our apparel. To see our organic certifications, click here.

Yarn - Sometimes, new technology is not the best technology. Up until the early 1970s the manufacturing of yarn (spinning) was done on ring spinning equipment. This process makes a yarn that produces a very soft fabric and is used in some of the finest knits. However, because it is a slower process, it is more costly. So, in an effort to increase plant efficiencies (read: profits), open end spinning was developed. While spinning open end yarn is highly efficient, the end product is not so soft. That is why we have chosen to use only ring spun yarns for our products.

Knitting - We use the highest needle count machines available for our knitting. Why? To oversimplify, the more needles in the knitting machine, the better the fabric. Generally, more needles = smaller diameter yarns = more threads per inch = better fabric and less shrinkage.

Dyeing - We have eliminated the use of chlorine in our bleaching or pre-bleaching process. Using chlorine releases dioxins, which are known carcinogens, into the air. When dyeing our fabrics, we do not use any banned AZO dyestuffs in our fiber reactive dyes. Our dyes consume less water and less energy and generate less waste, and therefore have a lower impact than non fiber reactive dyes. Also, because our fabric accepts and holds dye well, we do not use any dye-fixing agents, which often contain heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Sewing - Our apparel is sewn in Andrews, South Carolina at our factory that employs many second and third generation sewers that are accustomed to making apparel to the highest standards. All of our products are engineered with durability and comfort in mind.

Recycled Packaging - All of our packaging materials, from the shipping carton to the hangtag to the return form enclosure are from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post consumer waste (PCW) and higher value PCW where available. Each order is wrapped in white, printed wrapping tissue that is manufactured from 100% recycled material and contains 30% post-consumer material. (Post consumer is sorted, used office paper.)

All of Bamboosa's products are made in the USA. We buy some yarn in China and also import the fiber from China and have yarn made in South Carolina. All fabric production as well as dyeing and sewing are also done in South Carolina. Bamboosa is committed to U.S. jobs, increased sustainability, social responsibility, environmental awareness and good corporate citizenship. We encourage our employees, our vendors, and our customers to consider their choices and to make decisions consistent with making a positive impact.

These are just some of the ways that Bamboosa is working to do it better.

Soft on You ... Easy on the Earth!

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