Hemp Knit Scarf
Hemp Knit Scarf
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Our hemp knit scarves will keep you nice and toasty when the temperature dips or the wind picks up.

Product Features:

Two layer chain pattern weave looks cool while it traps body heat.

Crafted from chemical free, 100% hemp.

While the yarn colors vary due to the natural characteristics of hemp, the overall color is a natural creamy off-white.

One of the many benefits of hemp as a fabric is that it breathes, so sweating is kept to a minimum and your head stays cool.

In addition, hemp has a natural resistance to damage from the sun's UV rays, salt water, and mold or mildew.

Hemp also softens with age and exposure to the elements.

At the same time, however, hemp is one of Nature's toughest fibers so these scarves will last for years if you take care of them.
Sold individually.

Available in a single size.


Product Type: Hemp Knit Scarf - Model # CSP-HH15 - Approximate Dimensions: 58" Long x 8" Wide - Price: $19.99

Made in in the USA.

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Cusp Natural Products was founded in 1996 with the design of three bath items made from hemp yarn... a washcloth, a soap bag and a back scrubber. These products were designed by Lynette Culver with the support of her husband, Richard. It was a one-woman shop for the first year or so, with Lynette doing knitting, finishing, sales and shipping.

Many years later, Cusp has expanded to include a work family of 8, we have designed many new products to add to our company line and we are acting as a distributor for some of the most reputable environmental manufacturers in the country.

All of the products sold by Cusp are proudly manufactured in the United States by American workers.

Each member of our work family receives extensive training; we have strict quality control procedures and a proven history of excellent customer service.

Our goal at Cusp Natural Products is to produce and distribute high quality hemp and other environmentally friendly products.

Cusp products address many of the human family's common problems, including concerns about chemicals in the environment and in the products we use, the safety of our ground water, and the planet's old growth forests.

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