Davey & Company Bronze Pelican Hook (4" Size)
Davey & Company Bronze Pelican Hook (4" Size)Davey & Company Bronze Pelican Hook (4" Size)Davey & Company Bronze Pelican Hook (4" Size)
Davey & Company Bronze Pelican Hook (4" Size)
Item #DV-1390-GM
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Davey & Company Pelican Hook > Cast Bronze > 4" or 100mm Size > Model No. 1390

- Inspired by traditional designs, these bronze pelican hooks from Davey & Company are strong, simple and functional, but at the same time have the beauty and elegance to enhance any vessel.

Product Features:

Hand made in England by the expert craftsmen at Davey & Company, using techniques that haven't changed much in over 100 years.

Made from marine grade Cast Bronze, also known as Gunmetal, for maximum corrosion resistance and superior durability.

Beautiful polished finish.

Bronze is a favored material to use for traditional boat fittings because it takes casting, machining, and polishing very well, is relatively strong and incredibly resistant to salt water.

While bronze is often more expensive initially than other marine grade materials, this expense is easily recovered through the high strength and long life bronze provides.

Specifications & Pricing:

Product Type: Davey & Company Bronze Pelican Hook - Size: 4" - Model # DV-1390-GM - Length: 4" (100mm) - Material: Cast Bronze - Price: $61.15 each

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Sold individually.

Available in a single.

Made in England.

Since this unique hardware is not mass produced we sometimes experience slight delivery delays. While we strive to maintain a sizable inventory we appreciate your patience in this regard.
Davey & Company has been in business since 1885 and is today a specialist in the manufacture and supply of traditional marine equipment.

With their long tradition of manufacturing in the United Kingdom, the master craftsmen at Davey produce a wide range of genuine fittings.

Often using patterns that date back to the early 1900's, and skills that go back a lot further, they are able to keep a wide range of products alive for today's discerning yachtsman and shipwrights.

People sometimes ask how our green boat gear can be classified as truly "green"? After all, there is no such thing as organic steel, brass, or aluminum.

Like most things on greenboatstuff.com, we try to envision the impact our gear has on the world around us as it is made, used, and ultimately lost or discarded.

In addition, we believe a product you only have to buy once in your lifetime is much greener than a cheaper version you will replace countless times.

With this in mind we offer an assortment of high quality products that are designed for you to pass on to the next generation.

You won't find cheap, disposable stuff here, just the best boat gear we can find that makes a minimal impact on the environment.

In every case, we try to carry boat gear made and finished with materials that do as little harm as possible.

As a result we avoid chrome, nickel and zinc plated items due to the impact the plating process often has on the environment.

The same goes for chemical-based painted items, plastics, and other synthetics.

While natural fibers, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and the other materials we prefer to carry are not always entirely earth-friendly, we believe they represent the best choices available at this time.

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