Mexitan SPF 50 Biodegradable Sunscreen
Mexitan SPF 50 Biodegradable SunscreenMexitan SPF 50 Biodegradable Sunscreen
Mexitan SPF 50 Biodegradable Sunscreen
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Mexitan all natural sunscreens offer a safe, reliable way to protect your skin from sun damage without toxic chemicals.

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Water resistant sunscreen.

Mexitan contains Green Tea, which numerous studies have revealed helps protect from sunburn and may reduce skin damage from sun radiation.

Combined with mineral sunscreen, Mexitan provides safe broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Mexitan originated as a secret recipe of the natives of Acapulco.

Each ingredient serves its own special purpose in nourishing, protecting, and moisturizing the skin.


Unlike some products that contain extremely small nanoparticles that may be absorbed into the bloodstream, the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide used in Mexitan is micronized (NOT nanoparticles), with a coated variable particle size greater than 100nm but less than 500nm. (Nanoparticles are considered to be less than 100nm in size).

This allows Mexitan sunscreen lotions to be more cosmetically appealing compared to coarser particles.

The protection is less visible, yet remains on the skin's surface.

The active ingredients in Mexitan SPF sunscreen lotions are natural minerals derived from clay and beach sand deposits; they are not harsh synthetically-produced chemicals. Both are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as sunscreens.

Zinc oxide has been used worldwide for over 75 years as a safe blocking agent to prevent excessive sun exposure.

Unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb ultraviolet light, Mother Nature has provided titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which remain on the skin to reflect and scatter both UVA and UVB rays away from the body--forming a physical barrier shield, without irritating or clogging the pores.
Sold individually.

Available in a convenient squeeze top bottle.


Product Type: Mexitan SPF 50 Biodegradable Sunscreen - Size: 5.4 oz - Model # Model # MEX-50 - Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide(6.0%), Zinc Oxide(22.5%) - Inactive Ingredients: Deionized Water, Sunflower Oil, Lecithin, Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Green Tea Extract, Jojoba Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Shea Butter, Eucalyptus Oil - Price: $17.95

Made in the USA.

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Taking care of your skin is a no-brainer.

As our biggest organ the skin acts as our body's shield - protecting us, filtering toxins, exchanging vital elements, while all the time allowing us to feel and experience the world around us.

Like any living thing, skin can be injured by too much exposure to the elements.

Burned, cracked, dry, and otherwise damaged skin can usually fix itself given a little time and a good dose of healthy moisture.

Unfortunately so many of the skin lotions and moisturizers on the market today contain all sorts of chemicals that might make your skin feel soft and smooth - but what are those chemicals really doing to your body, and the world around you?

Why take any chances with your skin, or your family's, when an all natural, chemical-free moisturizer is out there that works great?

When Avonelle Edwards, of Southwest Florida, was a young girl, she used baby oil as a suntan oil. She was always health conscious, so when she first became aware of the need for sunscreens, she would always read the label. She didn't like what she saw. It felt like choosing the "lessor evil". Did she want damage from the sun or from the chemicals? Soon she was on a mission to come up with a sunscreen that didn't contain any potentially dangerous chemicals.

In 1976 Avonelle came upon a homemade suntan oil on the beach of Acapulco, Mexico. She loved how she tanned darker than ever before, but never sunburned. Within a few days her skin was moist and dewy with the most beautiful golden tan she had ever had. Avonelle took the suntan oil home to Florida in an old mason jar. With the oil almost gone and no way to get more, she began analyzing it. After six months of testing, she came up with a suntan oil that was chemical free. She made it in her kitchen for her own use and to give to friends and family members.

When she became a widow in 1996, Avonelle found herself with nothing to do and asked her son for advice. He said, "Mom, why don't you put your suntan oil on the market? Everything out there is full of chemicals. It's time for an all natural suntan oil." She listened and so Mexitan was born.

Mexitan suntan oil went on the market in 1997 in Naples, Florida to a "sold out" crowd. Everyone loved it and back orders piled up. Mexitan has continued to be a best seller in Southwest Florida. Eventually the product line has expanded, including the first all natural sunscreens without any harsh chemicals (now available in SPF 8, 15, 30, and 50).

Since Mexitan first came to market dramatic concerns about the toxicity of chemical based sunscreens has been steadily growing.

New research shows that the active ingredients (toxic chemicals) in some sunscreens may contribute to genetic damage and skin cancer (The Scientist, Mar/Apr. 1999, page 7). Current advice on sun and skin care strongly recommends the heavy use of chemical sunscreens on the delicate skin of babies and young children, as well as adults. The consumer falsely believes a sunscreen forms an invisible protective barrier against harmful solar rays. In fact, the sunscreen chemicals can absorb the rays' energy, become energized, and chemically reactivate themselves, which can lead to chemical reaction in the skin that creates free radicals that cause DNA damage.

Dr. Marianne Berwick, an epidemiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reported at a 1998 meeting that her analysis of 16 epidemiology studies suggested that the more sunscreen a person used the higher chance of developing skin cancer. Dr. Frank Garland of the University of California, believes the increased use of chemical sunscreens is the primary cause of the epidemic of skin cancer. Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh in California believes that the use of sunscreens causes more cancer deaths than it prevents. He estimated that the 17% increase in breast cancer observed between 1991 and 1992 may be the result of the pervasive use of sunscreens over the past decade. (Preventive Medicine, Vol. 22, Feb. 1993) Professor John Moan of the Norwegian Cancer Institute found the yearly increase in melanoma in Norway had increased 350% for men and 440% for women during the periods 1957-1984, when sunscreens were introduced.

Researchers encourage consumers to READ THE LABELS on suncare products. If the product contains any of the following chemical ingredients, use discretion before applying to your skin:

•Benzophenones (dixoybenzone, oxybenzone)

•PABA and PABA esters (ethyl dihydroxy propyl PAB, glyceryl PABA,

•p-aminobenzoic acid padimate O or Octyl dimethyl PABA

•Cinnamates (cinoxate, ethylhexyl, p-methoxycinnamate)

•Salicylates (ethylhexyl salicylate, homosalate, octyl salicylate)

•Avobenzone (butyl-methyoxydibenzoylmethane; Parsol 1789)

•Digalloyl trioleate

•Menthyl anthranilate

•Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol: Called a humectant in cosmetics, it is industrial antifreeze, and the major ingredient in brake and hydraulic fluid. Material Data Sheets warn to avoid skin contact as it is systemic and can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage. If anti freeze is spilled on your garage floor and a dog or cat drinks one lick, it will kill them.

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