Louis M Gerson Co. Tack Cloth
Louis M Gerson Co. Tack Cloth
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These tack clothes pick up and hold all dust, dirt, lint and sanding residue, for a blemish-free finish.

Product Features:


Works on all metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass surfaces.

Made from surgical-grade bleached gauze.

Compatible with all paints including acrylic lacquers, acrylic enamels, urethane, epoxies and waterborn.

Wax and silicone free.

Always soft and tacky.

Produced from a proprietary blend of special heat-set resins, these light gold colored tack cloths are soft, flexible and easy to open.

Excellent pick-up power without transferring residue.
Sold individually.

Available in a single size.


Product Type: Louis M Gerson Co. Tack Cloth - Model # GRS-02021W - Price: $.99

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