ePaint EP-ZO Anti-fouling Bottom Paint - Quart or Gallon Sizes ( Blue, Green, Black, White, Red, & Grey Colors )
ePaint EP-ZO Anti-fouling Bottom Paint - Quart or Gallon Sizes ( Blue, Green, Black, White, Red, & Grey Colors )ePaint EP-ZO Anti-fouling Bottom Paint - Quart or Gallon Sizes ( Blue, Green, Black, White, Red, & Grey Colors )
ePaint EP-ZO Anti-fouling Bottom Paint - Quart or Gallon Sizes ( Blue, Green, Black, White, Red, & Grey Colors )
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ePaint EP-ZO is designed specifically for the ecologically minded boater by keeping the bottom of your boat smooth and clean without harming the environment.

Product Features:

EP-ZO is a soft, "ablative" paint that will dissipate over time.

Can be applied over other coatings as long as previous paint is not ablative and surface is well prepped.

Exposed metal surfaces should be primed with EP-Prime 1000 before application.

EP-ZO is easy to apply with brushes, rollers or sprayers.

Recommended for all rigid hull types, including aluminum.

Cleans up easily with ePaint Thinner or a suitable equivalent.

ePaint contain no tin or copper.

Instead of following the age-old method of leaching toxins that persist in the environment, ePaint employs a novel mechanism to control the attachment of fouling organisms.

When immersed in oxygenated water, ePaint photochemically generates minute levels of peroxides.

The peroxide makes your boats' surface inhospitable to the settling larvae of fouling organisms.

Hydrogen peroxide is a potent, but short-lived chemical that does not contaminate the environment because it quickly decomposes back into oxygen and water.

The molecular formula for Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2. Once it comes in contact with water it quickly breaks down into good old H2O.

The lack of heavy metals also ensures that ePaints are compatible with aluminum and other metals in the marine environment.

Copper based paints do not have this feature as they can promote galvanic corrosion in metal boats.

Rated "Excellent" by Practical Sailor and Powerboat Reports.

Assuming 2 full coats of paint plus 3 additional coats at the waterline, one gallon will cover approximately 90 square feet.

See our Specifications / Pricing Tab above, for more details about this items different Sizing Details and the Final Pricing for Each of our options available.

Because it contains no copper or tin, ePaint ZO is available in White, Black, or Gray as well as a variety of bright colors - Blue, Green, and Red.

Available in either Quart or Gallon cans.

Please choose the color and size you need from the drop down menu above the product description.


Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Quart - Color: Blue - Model # EPZO-101-4 - Price: $65.99

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Gallon - Color: Blue - Model # EPZO-101-1 - Price: $199.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Quart - Color: Green - Model # EPZO-201-4 - Price: $65.99

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Gallon - Color: Green - Model # EPZO-201-1 - Price: $199.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Quart - Color: Black - Model # EPZO-301-4 - Price: $65.99

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Gallon - Color: Black - Model # EPZO-301-1 - Price: $199.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Quart - Color: White - Model # EPZO-401-4 - Price: $65.99

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Gallon - Color: White - Model # EPZO-401-1 - Price: $199.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Quart - Color: Red - Model # EPZO-501-4 - Price: $65.99

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Gallon - Color: Red - Model # EPZO-501-1 - Price: $199.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Quart - Color: Gray - Model # EPZO-701-4 - Price: $65.99

Product Type: ePaint EP-ZO - Size: 1 Gallon - Color: Gray - Model # EPZO-701-1 - Price: $199.99 + FREE SHIPPING

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Techical Data

ePaint ZO

Antifouling Paint

EPA Registration #64684-4

DISCLAIMER: The performance of any marine paint or coating depends on many factors outside the control of ePaint Company, including surface preparation, proper application, and environmental conditions. Therefore, ePaint Company cannot guarantee this product’s suitability for your particular purpose or application. Any recommendations of ePaint Company contained herein, covering use, utilization, chemical, or physical properties and other qualities of the products sold are believed to be reliable; however, ePaint Company makes no warranty or representation with respect thereto. IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND/OR MERCHANTABILITY ARE EXCEEDED, ePaint Company SHALL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. By use or application of any ePaint Company product, the buyer agrees that the sole exclusive remedy, if any, is limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product at ePaint Company’s option.


ePaint ZO is an antifouling coating designed for general purpose boating usage.

Like all ePaints, ePaint ZO is copper-free and will not promote galvanic corrosion on metal surfaces.

ePaint ZO is compatible over most existing bottom paint systems.

ePaint ZO prevents bio-fouling using ePaint’s patented photo-active technology and includes the Zinc Omadine® organic biocide that does not persist in the environment.

ePaints are safer for you, your boat and our environment.

Recommended Uses:

For marine and fresh water immersion; for power and sail boats as well as commercial vessels with average operating speeds of 0-30 knots.

Safe for all rigid surfaces including primed aluminum.


For best results, apply ZO during favorable climate conditions at temperatures above 55°F. Do not apply if the substrate and ambient air temperature are below 40°F, when substrate is wet from rain or dew, when surfaces are less than 5°F (3°C) above the dew point or when relative humidity is greater than 85%.

Surface Preparation:

Adhesion of any coating depends on proper surface preparation. Substrate should be free of oil, dust, dirt, grease, and salt/chloride contamination before abrading.

Cleanliness is the most important step to achieve a coating system that will perform and last.

After abrading the surface, remove dust and debris.

Compatible Existing Painted Surfaces:

ZO is compatible over most existing antifouling paints and epoxy primers that are in good condition and intact. ZO is not compatible over non-stick release coatings, soft ablatives, or flaking paint. Thoroughly abrade paint with 80 grit paper to achieve a roughened surface. Visit www.epaint.com FAQ page for a detailed compatibility chart or contact an ePaint representative.


De-wax surface if necessary and thoroughly abrade gel-coat with 80 grit paper to create a roughened surface profile. Although not required, it is strongly recommended to first apply one coat of ePaint EP-Prime 1000 epoxy barrier coating.

Aluminum and Steel Surfaces:

Abrasive blast or mechanically abrade with 80 grit aluminum oxide paper to achieve a 1.5-2.5 mil (38-63 micron) anchor profile and immediately apply a full coat of ePaint EP-Prime 1000 corrosion inhibiting epoxy primer.


Power-shake EPZO if possible. If power shaker is not available, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous blend results.


Thinning is not generally required. If necessary for viscosity reduction, to slow solvent evaporation when applying at warm temperatures, or to obtain a smoother finish, use ePaint EP-13 thinner. Do not thin ZO more than 20% by volume or beyond your state’s compliant limit. Considerations: thinning dilutes active materials and reduces DFT; allow for additional dry time between coats and apply an extra coat of ZO at the waterline.


ePaint EPZO may be applied by traditional painting techniques. For roller application, use a high quality short nap roller, such as a 3/8” or 1/4". For brush application use a high quality bristle brush. Spray application will provide the smoothest possible finish.

Over EP-Prime 1000 Corrosion Inhibiting Epoxy Primer:

Apply a thin coat of EPZO at 1-3 wet mils over the last coat of EPPrime 1000 when the primer is tacky but there is no primer transfer with finger pressure. Allow system to dry overnight before applying consecutive coats.

Film Thickness:

EPZO should be applied at 5-7 wet mils to obtain 3-4 dry mils per coat unless otherwise instructed.The use of a wet film thickness gauge is recommended.

Number of Coats:

Apply three full coats and an additional two coats of ePaint ZO at the waterline (waterline down approximately 1.5 ft). Extra coats at the waterline area are strongly recommended because ePaints are photoactive ablative paints and wear faster in areas exposed to intense sunlight.

Dry Time:

A coat of ePaint ZO applied at 5-7 wet mils is ready for recoat at 4 hours at 70°F (21°C). Consecutive coats should be applied within 7 days to avoid extra surface preparation. Minimum dry-to-launch time is 16 hours at 70°F (21°C). Dry times lengthen at lower temperatures and shorten at higher temperatures. Coating should be fully cured before placing into service.


For small bare areas, such as under blocks, thoroughly abrade with 80 grit paper to roughen surface, feather out painted surfaces two inches around bare area, and remove dust. Prime and paint prepared areas following product instructions.


Immediately cleanup spray equipment and brushes with ePaint EP-13 thinner, xylene or MEK. Dispose of any unused materials according to Federal, state and local laws.


Although maintenance scrubbing is normally not required it is recommended to have the boat checked occasionally, more so for boats that sit idle for extended periods of time, to make sure it is clean and that no growth is occurring. If growth is detected, lightly scrub the bottom with a soft brush to remove any fouling.


• ePaint’s are photoactive and wear fastest where sunlight is most intense and why additional waterline coats are recommended.

• Due to the photoactive nature of ePaints, lighter colors paints (white, gray) are recommended for high fouling bodies of water.

• ePaint’s are designed to be slightly translucent for photoactive effects to take place; as a result, more than one coat of ZO may be required to hide underlying paint of a sharp contrasting color.

• Service life is affected by number of coats of paint applied and environmental conditions (i.e. water temps, sunlight intensity, etc.)

• No antifouling paint can be effective under all conditions of exposure. Pollution and natural occurrences can adversely affect antifouling paint. Extreme air and water temperatures, silt, dirt, oil, poor water clarity, and low oxygen levels can ruin antifouling paint. Visible sunlight and oxygenated water are required for ePaint antifouling and release coatings to work effectively.

ePaint must ship by surface transport, i.e. truck, rail, or ship, it cannot go by air.

Because it is classified as a hazardous material, paint shipments often take a little longer for our carriers to deliver than standard packages. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Please be advised that shipping ePaint internationally can be a bit tricky.

At this time ePaint cannot be shipped to Canada.

If you have any questions about your country's import policies please drop us an email at eric@greenboatstuff.com.

ePaint was established in 1991 to market environmentally friendly coatings for the control of bio-fouling.

ePaint began developing antifouling coatings with funding from the United States Navy in 1985. Since that time, the company has been awarded numerous contracts to research novel methods of bio-fouling control, and has launched an independent research and development effort. ePaint has developed specialty antifouling coatings for the United States Coast Guard, The United States Navy, NOAA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and the U.S Geological Survey. The ongoing research has resulted in three patents.

ePaint currently has several products registered with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, as well as various state environmental regulatory bodies. Other products are undergoing further development or are under EPA review.

Our Mission:

ePaint Company is committed to "Green Boat Maintenance" by responsibly developing and marketing marine coatings that are non-toxic to humans and safe for the environment.

ePaint Company combines novel photoactive technology with environmentally preferred active ingredients to provide you with a safe, effective alternative to traditional bottom paints.

Our products are free of copper, tin and other biocides that persist in the environment.

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