GSI Outdoors Steel Dutch Oven Stand
GSI Outdoors Steel Dutch Oven StandGSI Outdoors Steel Dutch Oven Stand
GSI Outdoors Steel Dutch Oven Stand
Item #GSI-40411
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Our dutch oven stands are made by GSI Outdoors from heavy duty steel.

Product features:

Rugged steel wire rack designed for use with 10” legless Dutch Ovens.

Provides a stable base for cooking or serving.

Perfect for beach cookouts or camping trips.

These simple stands will last forever.

Sold individually.

Available in one size.

Product Type: GSI Outdoors Steel Dutch Oven Lid Lifter - Model # GSI-40411 - Dimensions: 7.6" x 7" x 2.1" (19.3cm x 17.8cm x 5.3cm) - Weight: 4.5 oz. (128 g) - Price: $9.75

Made in China

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People sometimes ask how our metal galley gear can be classified as truly "green"? After all, there is no such thing as organic steel or aluminum.

Like most things on, we try to envision the impact our gear has on the world around us as it is made, used, and ultimately lost or discarded.

In addition, we believe a product you only have to buy once in your lifetime is much greener than a cheaper version you will replace countless times.

With this in mind we offer an assortment of high quality products that are designed for you to pass on to the next generation. You won't find plastic covered junk here, just the best boat gear we can find that makes a minimal impact on the environment.
About GSI

It’s all about the outdoors, the rest is meaningless. Well, it all started a very long time ago with some crazy, French Canadian trappers and a considerable amount of homemade alcohol. To make a long story short, in the morning, there were only a few glowing embers leftover from the campfire, a muddy, coffee soaked patch of ground, a couple tattered bedrolls and a very, very uncomfortable moose who smelled strongly of bourbon. Soon after, more and more people were leaving their otherwise comfortable homes in the old world and along the eastern seaboard and setting out to experience the wilderness. Over the next two hundred years, the legacy of those crazy trappers has been festooned all over the maps of the west, but it is the enduring legacy of the simple joys of an outdoor lifestyle which affects us most profoundly today.

Fast forward to 1985 and in the pioneering spirit which first drew those early trappers west, a small cadre of siblings from British Columbia made their way down the west coast to San Diego where they founded GSI Outdoors.

Beginning with a few pieces of blue enamelware and a smattering of campfire accessories, GSI Outdoors continued to grow and expand into the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of an ever growing and ever more innovative line of outdoor cookware, tableware and accessories.

As the company grew, Don, Ian and Kathy Scott made the decision to relocate to Spokane, WA where they have been ever since.

Today GSI Outdoors products are distributed worldwide as the company continues to expand their array of products known for superior quality, technical performance, innovative design and most of all, their fun-loving attitude towards the outdoor experience.

At GSI Outdoors, we define innovation not through the use of some new ‘unobtanium’ material, nor through the monumental elevation of a never-imagined widget. No, we define innovation through the creation of unique, imaginative and fun products which reassert the values which we hold so dear.

We take great pride in our ability to create new and exciting items from products which others believed could not be improved or which they believed were not worth the effort.

We know that this kind of authentic innovation can only come from one place- our customers.

GSI Outdoors is a small, privately-held, family company.

We have no obligation to an anonymous group of shareholders, a corporate board or anyone but our customers, our reps and each other.

It is this freedom which so epitomizes the outdoors and grants us the flexibility to be more responsive to the needs of our customers who love the backcountry as much as we do.

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Product features:

These burly cookers are made of lightweight, rust-proof aluminum.

So they heat up nice and even, but are just 1/3 the weight of traditional cast iron.

Cast aluminum is rust free and easy to clean.

No messy seasoning is required to get these ovens ready to go, and unlike Teflon and other synthetic non-stick coatings, an anodized finish is nontoxic and does not decompose.

Edge lip holds coals and charcoal.

Sold individually.

Available in several sizes.

10 inch model nests inside 12 inch dutch oven for compact storage.

12 and 14 inch models have fixed legs, 10 inch model has no legs.

Please choose the dutch oven you need from the drop down menu above the product description.

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