ECOBAGS® Recycled Cotton Tote Bag
ECOBAGS® Recycled Cotton Tote Bag
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The ECOBAGS® EveryDay Tote™ in recycled cotton canvas is the basic bag you've been looking for.

Product Features:

100% recycled cotton fibers.

Can hold as much as a full grocery bag

EveryDay totes are for grocery shopping, daily errands, craft projects, day trips, travel, and more.

All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability.

Unlike bulkier totes, this bag folds neatly and easily to fit in a small space.

The cotton web handles allow you to comfortably carry the bag either over the shoulder or as a tote, without straining.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, hang dry

Multiple uses can be found for these totes, but one of the greenest things you could do would be to keep three or four of these handy whenever you go to the store.

Forget about the dilemma of "Paper or plastic?".

Our shopping bags will save you a nickel or so at most stores, they will save trees, and most importantly, you will never have to worry about whether one more plastic shopping bag is floating somewhere it should not be.

So why should you buy organic cotton?

If there is one action you can take to be more environmentally friendly, changing your shopping choices to include organic cotton can have a tremendous positive impact on both the Planet, and quite possibly your health.

As soft and comfy as cotton is, the cultivation of non-organic cotton is a toxic nightmare.

Over one quarter of all the pesticides used in agriculture are applied to the modern cotton plant.

This stuff contains some of the nastiest compounds known to man, including cyanide.

Of the nine major pesticides used on cotton five are proven cancer-causing chemicals and all nine are classified by the EPA as type 1 and 2 - the most dangerous listing possible.

After so many years of growing in these toxins the modern cotton plant has been genetically engineered to the point where it is no longer a natural fiber, but rather a plant that is designed to stand up to the strains of the pesticides sprayed on it.

Do yourself and the Planet a favor, switch to organic cotton.
Sold individually.


Product Type: ECOBAGS® Recycled Cotton Shopping Bag - Color: Natural - Model # EB-CAN-801 - Size: 19" wide x 15.5" tall, full 7.5" bottom gusset, 22" long strap/handles - Price $6.99

Made in India.

All products are manufactured in regulated fair wage-fair labor facilities.

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ECOBAGS® Products, Inc. opened for business in 1989 with a simple goal; to produce quality bags at great prices so that "Reusable becomes a way of life."

We started with the ECOBAGS® Brand Classic String Bag, a simple lightweight, expandable daily tote used in Europe for generations, long before paper and plastic bags.

We introduced our bags at the 1990 Earth Day celebration on Sixth Avenue in New York City. The bags were a hit. We sold out in four hours.

Now, we carry a complete line of ECOBAGS® Brand bags in natural and certified organic cotton, recycled cotton and hemp/cotton blends.

We exist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle.

Starting with the simple step of bringing your own reusable cloth bag to shop may seem trivial, but it creates a "mindset."

Like anything, the more people who take this simple step, the more it becomes the natural and right thing to do.

ECOBAGS® - the original reusable bag, eco-friendly products and environmental updates - since 1989

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