Centek Industries BilgeTek Portable Filtration System
Centek Industries BilgeTek Portable Filtration System Centek Industries BilgeTek Portable Filtration System Centek Industries BilgeTek Portable Filtration System
Centek Industries BilgeTek Portable Filtration System
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The BilgeTek dockside pump-out system is for marinas and boat service yards to remove and clean oil and fuel polluted bilge water from boats.

Product Features:

Self contained system can be used as a portable, cart mounted unit for easy maneuvering to contaminated vessels, or it can be permanently dock mounted as a stand alone pump-out station.

Stainless Steel twin chamber design for both particulate and hydrocarbon waste removal.

Incorporates MYCELX's industry proven oil, sheen, and fuel removal cartridges to produce sparkling clean water from even the most contaminated bilge.

MYCELX absorption technology that instantly bonds hydrocarbons to the filter cartridges and prevent them from separating, emulsifying, or releasing.

MYCELX is a non-hazardous / nontoxic material that will not dissolve or migrate in water. It has been declared compliant to section 300.915 of the NCP by the EPA. It has also been found by California Fish & Game to be nontoxic and is approved for oil spill cleanup.

System combines the advantages of simple operation, small size, remarkable durability, and low maintenance with stellar performance and processing longevity.
Available in a single size.

Replacement cartridges sold separately.

Please choose either the entire system, replacement cartridges, or both from the drop down menu above the product description.


Product Type: Centek Industries BilgeTek Portable Filtration System - Model # CTK-8-BILGETEK - Oil and Grease Capacity: Minimum 20 lbs - Maximum Flow: 20 gpm (75.6 lpm) - Hose Fittings Inlet/Outlet: 2" NPT Pressure Increase at Saturation: Less than 1 psi - Particle Filter Replacement Cartridge: CTK-8-M30 - Particle Filter Cartridge Size: 2 1/2" Diameter x 30" Long 6.4 cm x 76.2 cm) - Particle Filter Cartridges Used: 4 - Particle Filter Cartridge Life Expectancy: 3-6 months - Unit Height: 44" (1.12 m) - Unit Width: 12" (30.5 cm) - Housing Material: Stainless Steel - Price: $5,499.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Type: Centek Industries BilgeTek Particle Filter Replacement Cartridge - Model # CTK-8-M30 - Size: 2 1/2" Diameter x 30" Long 6.4 cm x 76.2 cm) - Price: $99.99

Made in the USA.

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From modest beginnings in 1962, Centek Industries has grown to become the world's leading manufacturer of fiberglass wet marine exhaust mufflers and systems.

Centek works constantly with marine associations, boat builders, and boaters around the world to reduce exhaust noise and pollutants, while maintaining superior quality and customer service.

Listening carefully to customers’ needs, Centek has fulfilled and/or surpassed the requirements and specifications of boat builders for almost 50 years.

Centek’s 80,000 square foot plant manufactures thousands of mufflers and parts for marine engines ranging from five to 2500 horsepower.

The innovative plant design incorporates a balanced air system that provides continuous fresh air replacement and particle filtration. The facility was constructed specifically to manufacture fiberglass-reinforced plastic products and has been used as a model for similar manufacturing facilities.

Every product delivered by Centek is totally manufactured in house Continuous inspection and testing by experienced employees and engineers assure excellence in product quality.

As the industry leader, Centek Industries works with laboratories, suppliers, builders, and marine groups to upgrade safety and product specifications. These groups (ASTM, ABYC, ABS, and Underwriters Laboratories) constantly address material quality, product specifications, and customer safety.

Centek holds customer safety foremost in building marine mufflers and continues to work with the ABYC to upgrade product safety standards.

Centek products meet or exceed ASTM-D-635 fire retardant specifications. Centek was the first to comply with these specifications and all products are classified as fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

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