Caframo Stor-Dry Dehumidifier (10" DIA Size)
Caframo Stor-Dry Dehumidifier (10" DIA Size)Caframo Stor-Dry Dehumidifier (10" DIA Size)
Caframo Stor-Dry Dehumidifier (10" DIA Size)
Item #CAF-9406A
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Dehumidifier by Caframo > Stor-Dry Style > 10" DIA Size > Model 9406CA-ABX.

- The Caframo Stor-Dry Dehumidifier helps keep your boat's interior fresh and mold free without using any toxic chemicals.

Product Features:

By raising the ambient temperature above the dew point these great gadgets get the job done without you have to whip out the nasty stuff.

An internal blower pulls cool damp air in the bottom and releases warm dry air through the top.

If you compare the cost of one dehumidifier to what you will pay for a mold-killing chemicals each season, the dehumidifier is an affordable bargain.

Unlike the cheaper plastic versions out there, the aluminum body on the Caframo units mean you don't have to worry about them cracking or breaking.

Effective in spaces up to 1,000 cubic feet.

Combats mold and mildew and the unpleasant odors they cause.

Low wattage element draws only 90 watts.

Durable anodized aluminum housing.

Brushed aluminum color.

Blower for air circulation.

Nearly silent operation.

Standard two prong plug.

Two year warranty.

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Sold individually.

Available in a single size.


Product Type: Caframo Stor-Dry Dehumidifier - Model # CAF-9406A - Dimensions: 10" Across x 4 1/2" Tall (22.8 cm x 11.4 cm) - Weight: 2 lbs 6 oz (1.1 kg) - Price: $63.61 each

Made in Canada.

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One of the greenest things you can do to eliminate mold and mildew build-up is to keep it from showing up in the first place.

Toxic mold killers only solve the problem after the fact.

If you don't change the conditions where the mold developed in the first place it will only come back again and again.

Put away the chemicals and do what Mother Nature does to keep mold away, raise the temperature and promote airflow.

These aluminum dehumidifiers do just that with hardly any power drain and no dangerous, exposed heating elements.

Since 1955 the folks at Caframo have been building the highest quality products to keep moist environments, like your boat's interior, from turning into a breeding ground for mold.

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