Under the Nile Certified Organic Cotton Blankets
Under the Nile Certified Organic Cotton Blankets
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Crafted by Under the Nile, these organic cotton blankets are soft, cozy, and completely chemical and pesticide free.

Product Features:

Hand made.

Made from 100% Certified Organic Egyptian Cotton produced on a Fair Trade regulated farm.

They will keep you warm in your bunk all night if a chill comes up, or grab one to snuggle in the cockpit as the sun goes down.

Easy to wash and line dry, you will enjoy these blankets for years.

Since each organic cotton crop can have its own characteristics, each blanket can look a little different.

In general, though, the color is a creamy natural white.

Fair Trade grown and processed by workers provided with a living wage, excellent working facilities and free health care
Sold individually.

Available in several sizes.

Please choose the blankets you need from the drop down menu above the product description.


Product Type: Under the Nile Organic Cotton Blanket - Size: Twin - Dimensions: 66" x 90" (168 cm x 229 cm) - Price: $125.00

Product Type: Under the Nile Organic Cotton Blanket - Size: Queen - Dimensions: 90" x 90" (229 cm x 229 cm) - Price: $165.00

Product Type: Under the Nile Organic Cotton Blanket - Size: King - Dimensions: 108" x 90" (274 cm x 229 cm) - $185.00

Made in Egypt.

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Like so many green companies, Under the Nile began with a family's search for safer alternatives for their children.

Concerned about the additives and chemicals found in most children's clothing, Janice and Mohamed Masoud set out to create a line of products that were stylish, functional, and safe.

The Masoud's have since combined their love of family and the Planet to establish a thriving company that is to be admired.

Here are their own words

"Trough cultivating organic cotton, we seek to cultivate the community that grows it. We have a passion to fight poverty and to offer the Egyptian people a better way of life - through work, vocational and educational training, and by providing them health care. We seek to help the environment by planting and producing high quality cotton without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides."

Under the Nile is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards.

The company has passed ATSM F963-03 government standards for testing and meets all CSPA requirements.

All dyes used are free of heavy metals and contain no harmful chemicals.

The benefits of organic cotton are many, both for you and the Planet.

The modern non-organic industrial cotton plant has been genetically engineered to the point where it is no longer a natural fiber, but rather a plant that is designed to withstand the strains of the chemical pesticides sprayed on it.

Think about that the next time you buy non-organic cotton.

Chemical free organic cotton, on the other hand, offers you an alternative way to enjoy the softness of this traditional fabric without doing any harm.

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