Why Buy From Us?

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Why Should You Buy From Us?

We Do Extensive Research on Every Product We Sell So You Don't Have To.

Unlike the giant marine supply stores that try to please everybody, we only sell environmentally friendly products. Before we stock our shelves with any item we thoroughly review:

  • The "Eco-Friendly" part of the ingredients or materials that go into the item.
  • The environmental impact of the item's creation, distribution, use and disposal.
  • The impact on the human body of using the product.
  • The country of origin and labor practices of the manufacturer.
  • The quality of the product.

The Product's Effectiveness and Expected Lifespan.

Only after we are satisfied with the answers to these questions does a product find its way to our shelves.

With so many companies today involved in the deceptive practice of "greenwashing", i.e. using misleading terms like "biodegradable" or "environmentally friendly" when their products contain all sorts of nasty stuff, we believe consumers will value a store that tries to cut through all the deception by offering truly green products.

We Are Members of Green America, a non-profit, membership based group of businesses committed to the following ideals.

  • Empowering individuals to make purchasing and investing choices that promote social justice and environmental sustainability.
  • Demanding an end to corporate irresponsibility through collective economic action.
  • Promoting green and fair trade business principles while building the market for businesses adhering to these principles.
  • Building sustainable communities in the US and abroad.

Businesses listed in Green America’s National Green Pages™ have passed a screening process that qualifies them for membership in the Green Business Network™.

We Treat Any & All Customers The Way We Want to Be Treated.

This policy gets thrown around a lot these days, with varying degrees of sincerity, but we run our company according to the Golden Rule. If you paid us today we will process your order today and get it out the door within 48 hours.

If we are out of stock on an item we will let you know and give you the option to wait for delivery or cancel your order.

If you are unhappy with anything you purchase from us or anything we do along the way, we will do everything we can to make things right.

We are not looking for one quick sale. We want you to tell people about us. We want repeat business and we would rather commit our resources to customer service than glitzy ad campaigns.

We Only Sell Quality Products.

Of course you hear this one from every merchant out there, but we believe you really do get what you pay for. When it comes to the environmental friendliness of a product, we believe a high quality item that is made in a responsible way, and that is built to last, is worth more than a cheap product you will have to repurchase over and over again. We don't sell junk.

We Back Everything We Sell With an Iron Clad Guarantee.

To live up to our commitment to quality we guarantee you will be happy with everything you buy from us. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, just return the product to us and we will cheerfully replace it or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

We Offer Combined Shipping Discounts and FREE Shipping on Orders $150 +.

Our simple shipping schedule is designed to make it easy and affordable to buy from us. No complex calculations, or hidden fees, just fair shipping meant to cover our costs. Spend $150 or more with us and we'll ship by ground for free.

We Try To Reduce The Amount of Packaging For The Products We Ship So You Don't Have To.

As a boating supply company we envision you getting your order from us and taking it down to the docks. Once there, the last thing most folks want to deal with, we think, is a bunch of plastic packaging or those nasty foam peanuts. We take the extra time to remove a lot of the excess packaging on the products we carry so you can enjoy your purchase and dispose of our packing materials with ease.

We Run A Green Company.

In every aspect of how we run GreenBoatStuff.com we try to make the least possible impact on the world around us. This means you might see your order arrive in a box that is not all shiny and new. We try to recycle as much packaging material as we can. Unlike most companies, we use paper tape, biodegradable packing peanuts, 100% recycled paper, and so on. We recycle religiously, light everything with compact fluorescent bulbs, use fans in our warehouse instead of air conditioning, run biodiesel, and all the other little things that can really make a big difference. We hope our actions will encourage others to do the same.

We Welcome Your Opinions about What We Can Do Better.

The suggestions, criticisms, and product reviews we receive at GreenBoatStuff.com are taken very seriously. In addition to great products, we know that delivering the highest level of customer service is essential for our success. If you think we can do something better we want to know about it. If you have an issue with something we carry or do, let us know. We won't promise to act on everything, but we will consider all input and let you know what we think.

We Really Do Care.

Another eye roller to be sure, but GreenBoatStuff was founded to try to make a difference. After becoming disgusted with the junk floating in our lakes, rivers, and Ocean, and the lack of choices available for earth-minded boaters, this company was born. We are a family run business with the same hopes, dreams, and worries many people face. We are in business to make money to be sure - we obviously can't do anything for long if we don't run a profitable business. While money is one of the reasons we do what we do, improving the health of our aquatic treasures is our primary agenda.

Thank You and Feel Free to Ask us Any Questions

Jaime Elliott

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