Sugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hook - 304 SS
Sugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hook - 304 SSSugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hook - 304 SSSugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hook - 304 SS
Sugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hook - 304 SS
Item #SUG-RF-50
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Sugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hooks combine form, function and style.

Product Features:

The RF Series Rotating Hook rotates 360º.

Double hook can be mounted in various positions for maximum flexibility.

304 polished stainless steel finish for superior corrosion resistance.

NSF certified.

Heavy duty, these hooks will last as long as your boat does.

Satin finish.

See our Specifications & Pricing Tab above, for more details about this items different Sizing Details and the Final Pricing for Each of our options available.

Sold individually.

Stainless steel mounting hardware included.

Available in one size.


Product Type: Sugatsune RF Series Stainless Steel Rotating Hook - Model # SUG-RF-50 - Length Overall: 2" (51mm) - Diameter: 1 1/2" (38mm) - Width Overall: 1/2" (13mm) - Projected Distance From Surface When Mounted: 1 1/2" (38mm) - Load Capacity: 6.6 lbs (3 kg) - Weight: 1.16 oz (33 g) - Price: $8.48 each

Made in Japan by Sugatsune.

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Most marine hardware can be divided into two distinct groups these days.

Cheap junk made with little, if any, thought to the impact its production has on the environment or the workers involved - or high quality gear made from materials designed to last, by companies that care.

We prefer to carry the latter.

Plastic and nylon parts are durable for a while and they satisfy price sensitive shoppers. Their production, however, creates numerous toxins, and eventually enough sunshine or stress will cause them to break.

Chrome, nickel, and zinc plating can protect metal surfaces for years, but their initial production, especially in third-world countries can cause devastating harm.

Painted parts are effective for a while, but paint production is usually nasty, and as it chips and goes over the side, paint carries its own poisons along.

At we choose to carry aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and occasionally wood hardware.

In an imperfect world we know these choices are not entirely without their faults.

In our opinion, however, they satisfy our criteria for high quality, long lasting products that do the job well while inflicting minimal, if any, harm.

Another important green aspect to our hardware offerings is our lack of a minimum order policy.

Unlike most hardware suppliers that force you to purchase in bulk, at greenboatstuff we try to avoid such restrictive policies.

After all, if a customer only needs a certain quantity of an item, why force them to pay for something that will sit on a shelf for years or be discarded?

Sure, this might sound like a little thing, but if we can discourage waste, especially of products like hardware that are made almost exclusively from natural resources, we believe it is both good business and good for the Planet.
Sugatsune has a rich tradition of manufacturing and distributing high-quality architectural hardware. Our hardware products combine unparalleled quality, ingenious design and meticulous attention to detail.

Manufacturing the finest quality stainless steel hinges, slides, stays, and latches is only part of our mission. With offices and factories in Japan and distributorships in the U.S. and around the world, we offer prompt and courteous delivery of architectural hardware, and efficient customer service.

By the grace of rich Nature and Resources, Earth has been creating and rousing plenty of life, and also it has been supporting various activities of humankind. But, in recent years the activities of humankind, exceeding the self-purification limit for environmental preservation, have been threatening the continuance of existence of all living things including humankind.

As one of Earths' citizens, Sugatsune fairly recognizes our responsibility of the fact that Earth, which is common precious property for our society, our customers and our employees, should be protected by humankind in order to be inherited by future generations. Sugatsune will promote environmental preservation activity continuously.

On December 13th 2002, environmental management system “ISO14001” certificate** was obtained in our “Chiba Production Division-Chiba Factory and Logistics Division-Logistics Center”.

**Scope: Design, development and production of Furniture Fittings, Building Hardware, Machinery Hardware, Electronic and Communication Equipment, Steel Furniture and Lobby Furnishings.

Sugatsune recognizes the importance of environmental preservation in the global wide range. We will promote our activities (design, development and production) for Furniture Fittings, Building Hardware, Machinery Hardware, Electronic and Communication Equipment, Steel Furniture and Lobby Furnishings with harmless and friendly to environment. Thus, we will concentrate on following items.

1. Sugatsune provides environmentally friendly products to our customers considering various factors for resource saving, durability, recyclability and harmlessness from the first stage of design works.

2. Sugatsune complies with the laws and regulations for environmental preservation.

3. In order to assure the decrease of the bad influence against environment, which is caused by our business activities Sugatsune executes the items below. (1)To reduce the energy consumption for electricity. (2)To reduce the wastes, which are caused through manufacturing process. (3)To promote collection of garbage by type and recycling. (4)To promote green plantation activity positively.

4. Each staff member of Sugatsune promotes the activities for saving energy and reduction of waste to keep our precious Earth good and beautiful, and practices conduct according to the rule of community for our symbiosis.

5. Through inspection and education Sugatsune will endeavor to upgrade and improve environmental management system ISO14001 continuously, and also to prevent environmental pollution.

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