Sea Dog Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller - 304 S.S. (Replacement Wheel Option)
Sea Dog Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller - 304 S.S. (Replacement Wheel Option)Sea Dog Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller - 304 S.S. (Replacement Wheel Option)Sea Dog Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller - 304 S.S. (Replacement Wheel Option)Sea Dog Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller - 304 S.S. (Replacement Wheel Option)
Sea Dog Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller - 304 S.S. (Replacement Wheel Option)
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Stainless Steel Large Anchor Bow Roller by Sea Dog > Replacement Wheel Option > 304 SS

- A part of the Sea Dog line of heavy duty stainless steel marine grade hardware, so these Large Anchor Bow Rollers are built to last.

Product Features:

Crafted from marine grade 304 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance.

Bail secures ground tackle.

Mounting holes to be drilled at installation.

Natural rubber wheel.

Mounting hardware sold separately.

See our Specifications & Pricing Tab above, for more details about this items different Sizing Details and the Final Pricing for Each of our options available.

Available in a single size with an unpolished finish.

Replacement wheels available too.

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Product Type: Sea Dog Stainless Steel Bow Roller - Size: Large Anchor - Finish: Unpolished - Model # SD-328074 - Maximum Rope Diameter: 1 1/2" (38 mm) - Length Overall (A): 23" (58 cm) - Interior Roller Width (B): 3 3/8" (86 mm) - Roller Diameter (C): 3" (76 mm) - Material: Stamped 304 S.S. - Weight: 8 lb (2.3 kg) - Price: $169.93 each

Product Type: Sea Dog Stainless Steel Bow Roller Replacement Wheel - Size: 3" - Model # SD-328079 - Interior Roller Width: 3 3/8" (86 mm) - Roller Diameter: 3" (76 mm) - Price: $14.89 each

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Most marine hardware can be divided into two distinct groups these days.

Cheap junk made with little, if any, thought to the impact its production has on the environment or the workers involved - or high quality gear made from materials designed to last, by companies that care.

We prefer to carry the latter.

Plastic and nylon parts are durable for a while and they satisfy price sensitive shoppers. Their production, however, creates numerous toxins, and eventually enough sunshine or stress will cause them to break.

Chrome, nickel, and zinc plating can protect metal surfaces for years, but their initial production, especially in third-world countries can cause devastating harm.

Painted parts are effective for a while, but paint production is usually nasty, and as it chips and goes over the side, paint carries its own poisons along.

At we choose to carry aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and occasionally wood hardware.

In an imperfect world we know these choices are not entirely without their faults.

In our opinion, however, they satisfy our criteria for high quality, long lasting products that do the job well while inflicting minimal, if any, harm.
If entrepreneurs are noted for taking the road less traveled, then the founder of Sea-Dog, Hans "Action" Broson Sneve, was a shining example.

As a representative for a number of marine hardware lines in the early 1930s, he came up with the idea of showcasing his wares on the type of vehicle they were intended for, a sea vessel.

His sales route became the waters of the Pacific Coast.

The M.V Sea-Dog, also known as the "Boat-Show-Boat", was one of two identical 55 foot cruisers built by Stephens Bros. of Stockton, California. One was built for H.A.B. Sneve Company and the other reported for Charlie Chaplin.

Well built of oak frames, Port Orford cedar planking and all teak superstructure, she was equipped with all types of gear from manufacturers represented by the company.

Hans Sneve commenced a coastwise trip from Alaska to Mexico visiting all ports large and small en route and having an open house for the public in all ports.

The new and well appointed yacht created quite an impression in the early thirties considering this was the depth of the depression. In some of the Alaskan ports, it wasn't uncommon for practically the entire population of a town to turn out to view the Sea-Dog.

In 1960, Mr. Sneve retired from the H.A.B. Sneve Company and his nephew, Eldon Nysether took over at the helm. The company name became Sneve-Nysether, Inc. with the Sea-Dog Line continuing as the main division of the company.

Eldon taught the business to his two sons, Mark and Brad, and while growing up, they worked right alongside their father. After college, both Mark and Brad returned to the family business.

Now operating out of Everett, Washington under the Sea-Dog Corporation, the company continues to expand with a continuing addition of top quality items.

With the ongoing support from a growing number of valued customers, and the third generation of management now active, the Sea-Dog Line is looking forward to a great future.

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