Japanese Windbell - Goldfish
Japanese Windbell - Goldfish
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Made of traditional cast iron these Japanese windbells add their own distinct music to your time afloat.

Product Features:

An integrated string loop on top makes them easy to hang.

Includes a paper windcatcher.

Another string attached to the bell's hammer lets you attach the windcatcher if you want the wind to play a song for you.

If you want a minimalist look, remove the hammer string and let the gentle roll of your boat do the same thing.

Each bell is individually gift boxed.

Kids love them.

Hang one in the cockpit or tuck one down below and enjoy the soft sound these little gems produce.

Originally designed for use in the garden, our windbells each have a distinct look that reminds us of the sea.
Colors vary a little but the Goldfish has an gold/orange look with a silver steel hammer.

Available in a single size.

Sold individually.


Product Type: Japanese Windbell - Model: Goldfish - Model # DTE-48522 - Approximate Dimensions: 3" Long x 2 1/4" Tall and Wide - Price: $9.99

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