All Natural Deodorant
All Natural DeodorantAll Natural Deodorant
All Natural Deodorant
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All natural Deodorant.

2oz sized sticks.

These safe, natural ingredients work effectively to neutralize odor causing bacteria and absorb wetness for all day long underarm freshness!

It's powerful odor fighting protection is obtained from 4 main ingredients:

1) Organic Coconut Oil-known, natural odor fighting properties

2) Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) neutralizes odor

3) Arrowroot Powder- absorbs odor causing bacteria

4) Fragrance or Essential Oils- fight odor producing bacteria and smell fabulous!

Sold individually.

Please choose the type you need from the drop down menu above the product description.

Model # PLB-ANDN - Type: Unscented - Size: 2 oz - Price $8.99

Model # PLB-ANDG - Type: Grapefruit - Size: 2 oz - Price $8.99

Model # PLB-ANDLM - Type: Lemon - Size: 2 oz - Price $8.99

Model # PLB-ANDLV - Type: Lavender - Size: 2 oz - Price $8.99

Model # PLB-ANDP - Type: Patchouli - Size: 2 oz - Price $8.99

Model # PLB-ANDO - Type: Orange - Size: 2 oz - Price $8.99
Peace Love and Bath is an american business built on the belief we should never have to sacrifice our precious health or environment in the name of beauty.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is like a giant sponge capable of absorbing all kinds of things it touches. As the rates of cancer increase at an alarming rate, it is hard to ignore rising concerns with the questionable ingredients found in many commonly used beauty products. The cosmetics that you are slathering on your body or licking off your lips could seriously affect your health.

Few regulations imposed on the cosmetics industry means no research has been mandated to question the impact of the chemical ingredients to consumers or the environment. These dangerous ingredients can end up in the air or water supply and build up to dangerous levels in our bodies.

Every choice we make affects our planet, even the small ones. Take the time to read labels and educate yourself. Nothing should go on your body that you do not want in it.

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